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Window Replacement Beltsville, MD

Ask the Whitcrafts how much replacement windows from Long Windows can change your home. Not only is their kitchen more comfortable, but Ms. Whitcraft can scratch window cleaning off the “Honey-Do” list and they keep Mr. Whitcraft off the ladder.

The tilt-in function of our replacement windows makes them easy for anyone to clean. This eliminates the need for ladders or placing yourself in a precarious position. This is an especially attractive feature for our clients who are seniors.

They have spent a lot of time in their home; they have an idea of what works and what they need. At a certain age, traditional windows just aren’t practical in terms of safety and energy efficiency.

The Whitcrafts’ home is now safer and more comfortable than ever before. As Ms. Whitcrafts says, “Clean windows to a woman is like a man with a new car: he keeps it nice and clean. When I look out that window and see dirt- out it comes and they are being washed!”


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