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5 reasons to remodel…NOW!

Between the housing and economic crises, homeowners may be hesitant to invest in their homes. The current level of uncertainty makes it difficult to carry out your home improvement plans. Although, beyond all this ambiguity lie several reasons why this summer is a great time to enhance your home.

1. Inexpensive Materials

D-I-Yers rejoice! The decrease in construction demand has lead to inexpensive tools and materials. Lumber, insulation and wallboard have all taken significant dives in price. Need to start a framing project or make your attic more energy efficient? Now is the time.

2. Trusted Professionals Are Ready To Help

Economic hardship can produce positive trends. In the early 2000’s, it was easier to find a contractor to hire for a project. The trouble was, with so many contractors, it was hard to find the ones who wouldn’t leave your home a mess with substandard work. Those companies who survived the economic downturn are likely to be more reliable and professional.

3. Contractors Are Quicker

From estimation to completion, the large scale remodeling process is getting shorter and shorter. One reason now is a good time to remodel is that contractors are eager and ready for new projects. In the past, remodeling could have taken around a year to acquire an estimate, plan and build. Right now, most companies can complete an average project in a matter of months or even weeks.

4. No Job Too Small

Companies are more willing to take on smaller jobs to keep their employees busy. If you are not a D-I-Yer and you have a few small projects you would like to see completed by someone more competent than yourself – then give your local remodeling company a call and inquire about their availability for small scale projects.

5. Financing

If you think banks in general are less willing to loan, you are correct. However, they are more eager than ever to lend if: your credit is good, you can prove your have a steady income and you have sufficient equity in your home. Consult your home improvement company or bank about your home improvement project and financing.

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