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A Boston roof needs to be tough.

Boston roof damage.

From the occasional summer torrent to the wild winds of winter, Boston weather can be a handful for your roof.

The city’s coastal location means that weather can be difficult to predict. Massachusetts even made’s Weirdest Weather Events of 2017 list, when the towns of Conway and Goshen were subject to a pair of EF1 tornadoes in February.

Not only has Boston been named the second worst weather city in the country (come on, it’s not that bad), but it has also earned the title of America’s windiest city.

According to the Boston Discovery Guide, the three most destructive weather events to look out for are:

  1. Nor’easters (a.k.a. Northeasters): These occur when low pressure storms form over the Atlantic Ocean and collide with strong Northeast winds. Gusts can become or exceed hurricane strength! Depending on the movement of the storm, the city can see torrential downpours, flooding, and even blizzards depending on the temperature of the air.
  2. Blizzards: These wintry monsters cause visibility issues (less than ¼ of a mile) and sustained winds greater than 35 miles per hour. Remember the one from 1978 that shut down the city for the week?
  3. Hurricanes: While hurricanes are rare (on average once every six years), they’re not unheard of in New England. To qualify as a hurricane, winds must hit at least 74 miles per hour. Boston was affected by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, causing a plethora of fallen trees branches and flooding.

This kind of unpredictable and extreme weather can cause a lot of issues to your roof, compromising the safety of your family and home.

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Signs of roof damage may not always be as obvious as the tree branch that crashes through your ceiling. There are, however, some major red flags to look for when assessing the health of your roof. That’s why we’ve compiled the 6 most common roofing problems in Boston, so homeowners can address the issue before it’s too late.

Boston roof replacement.

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