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Home improvement tips for selling your home

If headlines are any indication, Americans are starting to put money back in their homes. This points towards an improving economy and more stable ground for the housing and home improvement industries. It may have been quite some time since your last home improvement endeavor. Figuring out what project you should begin is a little bit more complicated than it used to be. Selling your house and seeing a return on your investment means you have to carefully plan what projects you put money into. Fortunately, there are a multitude of resources at your disposal so you don’t have to take on this assignment alone. Whether you are planning on adding an addition or simply power washing the exterior, the costs involved may not always be worth the investment. If you are selling a home then you may find the following ideas especially helpful.

Heleigh Bostwick of Life 123 outlines several inexpensive home improvement endeavors which improve the resale value. Here are a few ideas she shares:

Giving your home’s exterior a face lift: By power washing the siding and windows you can eradicate years of accumulated dirt from your home. An even bigger idea would be to add a deck. This is less expensive than adding on a sunroom or patio and can significantly boost the appeal of your home. After all, who doesn’t love grilling on the deck?

Oh what a coat of paint might do: Painting the exterior doors and trim will help give your home a new look. While painting the interior with neutral colors provides a more approachable setting to show your home.

Same home new fixtures: How long have you had your kitchen and bathroom fixtures? If they are starting to look a bit old, maybe it is time to upgrade. The same goes for kitchen cabinets and countertops, as even new hardware (hinges, knobs and handles) are inexpensive ways to add new life to your home.

Those of you with larger budgets for flipping that home might benefit from reading this article from WUSA9’s Jessica Doyle which outlines some of the least “seller friendly” home improvement projects. The least bang-for-buck in the Mid Atlantic region are Master Suite additions. Additions in general are risky ground. Adding that sunroom or bathroom may improve your chances of selling the house, but prepare to only receive back around 50% of the funds you put into the project.

Remodeling is making a rebound, but deciding how to make your home stand out can prove to be more expensive than necessary. Many home improvement professionals suggest you start with the smaller items such as bathroom fixtures and landscaping and save the bigger additions and renovations for later. Selling a home continues to be an exercise of patience, but signs indicate brighter days, so make sure you are prepared for when those days arrive.

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