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Roof Financing Options to Consider for Your Roof Replacement

Tips for financing your new roof.

How Will you Pay for Your New Roof?

Roof replacement is an important investment. The good news — there are plenty of financing options available to make sure you’re not breaking the bank, shingle by shingle.

Financing a new roof, with the option to pay in installments, is how many homeowners get the roof they need when a roof replacement can’t be put off any longer. Let’s explore the most common financing options to help you choose one that’s right for you.

New Roof Financing Options

How to pay for a new roof.


Cash is the best option if you are able to afford it.

It’s not a bad idea to save and pay for a new roof out-of-pocket. In fact, LifeHacker recommends paying with “cash” (by “cash” they mean no loans) to avoid interest payments.

This is great advice if you can do it — unfortunately, most American homeowners don’t have that kind of savings. Drawing from your personal piggy bank just isn’t an option for many people, especially when it comes to more expensive home improvements.

Company Financing

Roof financing information

How does company financing work? Your roofer works with the bank to help you manage the cost of the roofing project, based on your budget and the roof replacement expense. Each company chooses banks that they’re willing to work with and the roof financing options that they’re going to offer to customers.

The benefits of company financing often outweigh direct-lender financing. Companies that offer financing can offer special promotions that beat banks and other lenders. These companies get special rates from the banks because of volume lending. They can pass the benefits along to their customers.

“We, Long Roofing, are very fortunate to have been able to help a lot of customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and into new territories,” says Dave Normandin, President of Long Roofing. “It is our customer base that has helped us gain support from local and national banks offering some of the most competitive payment factors and interest rates in the industry.”

Roof financing through Long Roofing

Paying for a new roof.

Long Roofing has convenient financing that fits every homeowner’s budget. We work hard to keep our financing options as simple as possible and understand that a roof replacement project can be a stressful time. Our goal is to give you the peace of mind you need.

Our financing options:

Long Roofing works with the individual homeowner to see what fits his or her budget. Our financing options depend on the size of the job, the down payment amount, and the homeowner’s credit score.

We offer everything from Term Loans to lines of credit that the homeowner can use.

For example: With a minimum of $5k financed, we can get you a payment as low as $12.50/month for each $1,000 financed.

“Homeowners have a lot of options when they finance with us,” says Dave. “We work with different banks, depending on the homeowner’s financial position and what they can afford comfortably.”

Long Roofing’s roof financing can provide you with:

  • Competitive rates
  • Payments that fit your budget
  • No hidden costs
  • Unsecured loans up to $75,000
  • Easy-to-understand paperwork

Financing through Long Roofing has major advantages. Due to the volume we push through the financing companies, we’re given special rates and packages for our customers. Smaller roofing companies don’t typically offer any type of financing. You must have all the means for payment at the time of install. Medium-sized companies might offer financing, but their rates won’t be as competitive due to lack of volume.

Our Process:

Finance your new roof.

Long Roofing respects your privacy. We go to great lengths to ensure that your information is protected.

Before you even fill out a credit application with one of our representatives, each one has gone through a complete background check. Using a web-based contract solution with end-to-end encryption, each homeowner fills out a credit application on an iPad.

These contracts are sent using a different server than Long Roofing uses daily, so no contractual information is sent through our email system. Once submitted to the office, the credit application with the homeowner’s personal information will not be accessible to our sales representative.

We also complete most of the financing right in your home for convenience and privacy purposes.

“We provide homeowners with several great financing options because no one option is right for everyone,” explains Dave. “We listen to the needs and budget of each homeowner and show them which roof financing type might work best for them.”

We’re not going to get you on fine print. Our representatives sit down to talk with every decision-maker in your roof replacement project, clearly explain your options and will sit with you until you’re comfortable with your roof financing. Honesty and integrity are simply part of our sales process.

We build trust and peace of mind into every Long Roofing roof.

Whether you’re looking for a shingle or metal roof, learn how you can get financed for a new roof with Long Roofing. Check out our Current Promotions or call us today at (800) 417-5664 to see which roof financing option can make a new roof a reality for you.

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*Subject to credit approval. Interest is billed during the promotional period but all interest is waived if the purchase amount is paid in full within 12 months. There are no required minimum monthly payments during the promotional period.  Financing for GreenSky® consumer loan programs is provided by federally insured, equal opportunity lender banks. NMLS #1416362