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Replacement Windows Bowie, MD

Long Windows will change the way Bowie, Md. homeowners see the world.

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You want the best for your Bowie, Md. home. You want a clean, comfortable, energy-efficient living space for your entire family. Could your home look amazing, too? That would be nice.

Great news: Long Windows®, a member of the LONG family of brands that has served Washington, D.C. and Maryland since 1945, fits all of those categories. When you want replacement windows for your Bowie, Md. home, the only choice is LONG.

Long Windows: We are your exclusive provider of Quantum2 Heat Mirror® windows in and around the nation’s capital.

The Quantum2 Heat Mirror window is the one of the best window products you can find for your home. What can we tell you about the Quantum2 Heat Mirror window?

Window Science 101

What is Solar Heat Gain Coefficient? It measures heat gain, and low numbers are better than high ones. Long Windows’ Quantum2 Heat Mirror windows have a SHGC of 0.21 — much better than the 0.76 of a typical double-pane window.

Do you know what R Value means? It’s a window’s thermal insulation capability. High numbers are better than low numbers. Long Windows’  Quantum2 Heat Mirror windows have an R Value of 5.6 to 7.7, while your everyday double-pane window has an R Value of 2.

Get to know Long Windows.

The roots of our company run deep in the Washington, D.C. metro area. We have a legacy that dates back over 70 years and have the track record of customer service, outstanding products and real value that has allowed us to evolve and grow.

Let’s talk about your replacement windows, Bowie. We think you’ll be impressed with what we have to say. Contact us today.

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