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Replacement Windows Installer in New England

New England replacement windows

Long Windows® understands that you want the best windows in your New England home. We’re confident that we have the finest replacement windows on the market — our Quantum2 Heat Mirror® windows, which were scientifically developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers to keep your home cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold.

What are Quantum2 Heat Mirror replacement windows?

New England has some of the most challenging weather you’ll find in the United States. Cold winters, lots of rain and the fastest wind in the entire country.

To stand up to that kind of weather, New England homeowners need replacement windows that are strong enough to handle these tough conditions but also smart enough to keep a living space comfortable when the heat and humidity of summer roll in.

Quantum2 Heat Mirror replacement windows can do it all.

Here’s what you’ll find in every Quantum2 Heat Mirror window:

That’s a window guaranteed to handle the harshest conditions any New England season throws at your home.

Oh, and our Quantum2 Heat Mirror replacement windows look great, too. You’ll love the way the window itself brightens your home, and our expert windows installer will ensure the entire project beautifies your home, room by room.

Benefits of Quantum2 Heat Mirror windows

New England homeowners serious about purchasing the best replacement windows available should choose Long Windows’ Quantum2 Heat Mirror windows. Why? Consider:

Window styles

Long Windows offers our New England customers several window styles, including double-hung, casement, awning, hopper, slider, bow and bay and picture and garden windows.

Our Quantum2 Heat Mirror windows offer amazing R-Value (thermal insulation), U Factor (home heat retention), solar heat gain coefficient (solar heat blockage) and UV transmission (UV light blockage) numbers. Talk to our sales team and windows installer about your new Quantum2 Heat Mirror window — they will be happy to tell you all of the benefits.

Who loves Long Windows®? Our customers.

“Long Roofing has installed my new windows and siding. The work is first class. The crew was always courteous and responsive…You can depend on them.”  Robert Blanken

“We needed two windows enlarged to be egress windows in our bedrooms so the house would pass local inspection. We also replaced additional windows, in part due to age and in part due to Long’s minimum for window work. Folks at Long took great care to make sure the two new windows were of appropriate size to pass inspection, with the measuring tech making a return visit after realizing details about availability of certain options. The installation was smooth and very quick for the large amount of work. All our new windows are great! Highly recommended.”Dan Sadler

Contact Long about replacement windows

Do you want the best new windows for your New England home? Of course you do. Let’s talk. Call 1 (866) 270-2885 to schedule a free in-home consultation or contact us online now.

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