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What is Heat Mirror window technology?

Heat MirrorFor many home owners, one of the biggest challenges is figuring out how to keep the heat outside in the summer and inside in the winter. Many home owners also struggle with how enjoy great natural light in their home without turning it into an oven, or fading their floors and furniture.

In this article we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Heat Mirror®, Long® Windows exclusive UV-blocking film that transforms your replacement windows from ordinary to extraordinary.

Heat Mirror Is Unmatched UV Protection

The Sun is awesome! On a nice day it has the power to fill our homes with beautiful, natural light. The problem is, the sunlight is full of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. These rays (separate from the visible light rays we all enjoy) have the power to overheat your home, fade your upholstery and rugs, and provide a warm spot for your dog to take a nap – OK so maybe that last one is not so bad.

heatmirrorWouldn’t it be great if your windows had a high-tech mirror that could let the good light in but keep the harmful UV rays out? Well that’s exactly what the patented Heat Mirror® film in Long® Windows does.

Suspended between two panes of double-thick glass, Heat Mirror® film blocks 99.7% of harmful UV rays. Our exclusive and patented technology allows the visible light spectrum to pass through the film but mirrors the UV rays away from the film.

The best part is, the Heat Mirror® film not only keeps the heat outside in the summer, it keeps the heat inside your home in the winter. Since UV light and heat can’t pass through the film, you won’t lose the valuable heat in your home, even when it’s cold outside.

Heat Mirror Is Unmatched Energy Efficiency

The average replacement window has two or three panes of glass, four coatings of Low E, and is filled with Argon gas. This leads to a U-Factor (measure of heat loss – the lower the better) of U.26.

Long® Windows with Heat Mirror® film have two panes of double-thick glass, five coatings of Low E, are filled with high-efficiency Krypton gas, and include Heat Mirror® film which leads to a U-Factor of just U.14. According to The Chicago Sun-Times, “Heat Mirror® is heat reflective and provides the thermal performance of five panes of glass”

r-value   u-value



Heat Mirror Was Used in the Military and the Empire State Building

With its incredible heat-reflecting properties, it’s no wonder that Popular Science magazine named Heat Mirror® as one of the 100 greatest inventions around the house of the last 1,000 years!

Heat Mirror® was even used as part of the B2 Stealth Boomer. Part of the plane’s stealth comes from its extremely low heat signature, made possible by a liquid-cooled engine and Heat Mirror® film on the windows, which radiate the heat generated by the on-board computers back into the cockpit.

But that’s not all, in an effort to create the greenest skyscraper in New York, Tony Malkin decided to update more than 6,500 windows in the iconic Empire State Building in midtown Manhattan. After reviewing several proposals and building plans, Mr. Malkin chose to have all 6,500 windows retrofitted with Heat Mirror® film. At the time of his decision, Mr. Malkin said he expected the windows to pay for themselves in energy savings in just three years.


Whether it’s helping to hide the world’s best stealth plane, increasing the energy efficiency of one of the world’s most iconic buildings, or helping keep your home comfortable and your heating and cooling bills low, Heat Mirror® film is an incredible advancement in window technology. It does, however, mean your dog will have to find a new warm spot to take a nap.

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