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The home improvement season: Preparation tips

Spring time is closing in.  Its pace may not be as hurried as some would like, but I am confident warmer weather is on the way.  Spring is usually when homeowners begin their home improvement projects.  The days leading up to spring can be spent enjoying the last of your yard work free weekends or preparing for your projects.  Whether you are replacing your home windows, remodeling your kitchen or adding a patio, planning is essential.  Here are 5 tips to help you prepare for the beginning of the home improvement season.

1.  Research

If you are doing your own improving, websites like DIY Network can provide great advice and step-by-step instructions.  Planning now will give you time to acquire all of your supplies and research the common problems many face when remodeling a home.

If you are looking for contractors, services like Angie’s List or Yelp provide consumer feedback about local remodelers to point you in the right direction.  Many contractors can also be found through a standard Google search.  Often, you will be presented with reviews on these pages.

2.  Budgeting

This can be considered a part of research.  Homeowners who know precisely what projects they will embark upon this season will benefit with a little financial planning.  It is never too early to start collecting estimates.  Most contractors will provide this service for free.  This will give you an idea of your project’s price range, allowing you make adjustments before it is too late.

3.  The Small Things

The winter can really take a toll on your home.  Spend one of the unseasonably warm days to note present or potential problems.  Take a look at the openings in your home.  Are your windows and doors tightly sealed?  Did one of the snow storms damage your gutters?  Grab your can of caulk, hammer and measuring tape and fix some of the small problems the winter brought.  This is also a great opportunity to change out the filters in your heating and cooling systems.

4.  Power Washing

Once the temperature stops dipping below the freezing point, rent a power washer and give your siding a good cleaning.  It is easier to rent a power washer, or schedule an appointment with a professional this time of year.  Certain companies may have special deals to drive business at the end of their slow season.

5.  Time Management

You can replace windows in a day.   Remodeling your kitchen will take a considerably longer.  Figure out your unique ratio of free time and the time estimated to complete a project.  Hopefully, this will prevent you from putting a project on hold while you are on vacation or busy with weddings and graduations.

Take a few moments to plan out your remodeling season.  You only have about a month left to hide indoors.  Use this time to help plan for the days spent outside

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