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Long Windows: Using science and style to help Clifton, Va. homeowners see their neighborhood.

You need new windows. You also know that this can be a challenging project, to say the least. Your family has several goals for this window replacement job: energy efficiency, interior and exterior beauty, security and longevity.

Long Windows® fits all of those requirements nicely. We are excited to share more info about our Quantum2 Heat Mirror windows with you. We think you’ll love them in your Clifton, Va. home.

The windows you never knew you always wanted are at Long Windows.

Our Quantum2 Heat Mirror windows are one of the finest inventions of the past millennium (Popular Science‘s words, not ours). These uniquely constructed windows check a lot of boxes for Clifton, Va. homeowners:


Like doing a lot of cleaning and maintenance on your windows? Probably not.

Great news! Quantum2 Heat Mirror windows are virtually maintenance-free. Their high-quality vinyl withstands the common issues you’ll see in other homes, like rust, pitting, corrosion, mold and more. They require no exhausting, tedious repairs and can be simply wiped down whenever you get the urge to dust.

Is energy efficiency important to you? It should be.

Long Windows will help your Clifton, Va. home save energy. Will your bills go down? We can’t make that promise, because we don’t know the condition of the rest of your home. We can say, however, that our Quantum2 Heat Mirror windows, in combination with your whole home system, can provide you with the energy savings every Clifton, Va. homeowner craves.

Our Quantum2 Heat Mirror windows help keep your home cooler in the warm months and warmer in cool months. The windows provide thermal insulation and maxes out your heating and cooling efficiency. Learn more about the science behind our Quantum2 Heat Mirror windows now.

Ready to talk about new windows for your Clifton, Va. home?

We want to talk to you. Schedule an in-home meeting with one of our talented product specialists and learn about all of the advantages Long Windows can offer you and your family.

Contact us online or give us a call today at 1-800-417-LONG (5664).

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